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[. . . ] The attraction is immediate from the moment you set eyes on the product. The sheer quality of the design shines through, thanks to the timeless style and outstanding finishes which make each component an elegant and refined masterpiece in its own right, each one in perfect harmony with the others. De Dietrich’s design makes extensive use of robust and prestigious materials. By combining state-of-the-art technology with top quality materials, De Dietrich produces beautifully crafted products to help you get the most from the culinary arts, a passion shared by all lovers of cooking and fine food. [. . . ] Power presets There are four f keys available that provide direct access to pre-set power levels: = power 2 - Keep warm = power 10 - Simmer = power 19 - Sear BOOST = maximum power (2. Note: Power levels must be between 1 and 3 for 4 and 11 for 12 and 19 for appears. Pressing the touchkey in front of or behind the zone deactivates the function and transfers the settings to the selected zone. In this case you can enter the figures for the desired time directly, one after the other. To make setting a very long time easier, you can go straight to 99 minutes by pressing the – touchkey. At the end of cooking, the display indicates 0 and a warning beep sounds. To cancel this information, press any button for the particular cooking zone being used. To stop the timer during cooking, press the + and - keys at the same time or return to 0 using the - key or enter "0" on the numeric keypad. Independent timer This function allows you to time an event, without cooking. To switch the zone off, press and hold key d , a long beep sounds and the displays go off or the "H" symbol 26 • 2 USE - Set the time with touchpad g . - At the end of your adjustment “t” becomes becomes fixed and the count begins. Note: You can stop a count in progress by keeping your finger on the touchpad of the selection on the display. 8 ELAPSED TIME key This function displays the time since the power setting was last changed for a selected cooking zone. The elapsed time flashes in the selected zone's timer display (2. If you want cooking to end within a specific time, press the i key and then, within 5 seconds, press + on the timer to increase the desired cooking time. The elapsed time is displayed fixed for 3 seconds and then the remaining time is displayed. Note: if the timer is showing a time, it is not possible to change it within 5 and allow the hob or a cooking zone to be switched off. Locking Press b key (cadenas), until the "bloc" locking symbol appears in one of the displays and a beep confirms the operation (2. Table locked in operation The display of cooking zones in operation alternately indicates power and the locking symbol . When you press the power or timer keys for the zones which are «on»: «bloc» appears for 2 seconds and then switches off. Unlocking Press key b until the "bloc" locking symbol disappears from the display and a beep confirms the operation. CLEAN LOCK function This function locks the hob off while it is being cleaned. [. . . ] Before you use your chopping block for the first time, it should be oiled with cooking oil (one or two soup spoons rubbed over all surfaces with a clean cloth). This will maintain its appearance and ensure that it gives long service. If the chopping board is only used for decoration, you are strongly advise to varnish it to prevent it from expanding or contracting. NEVER wet the chopping board when cleaning it; scrape it with a knife blade or scraper to remove any excess dampness from cutting meat and keep the wood in perfect condition. [. . . ]


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