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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The following short instruction is intended to provide an overview only. In order to achieve maximum security and comfort for your child it is absolutely imperative that you read the whole instruction manual carefully. For proper protection of your child, it is essential to use and install the car seat according to the instructions given in this manual. Please always have the instruction manual at hand and store it in the dedicated slot at the car seat. [. . . ] 24 Sirona S i-Size offers up to 5 different sitting and reclining positions for the safe and comfortable transport of your child in the car. If wanted, activate the position adjustment handle (11) on the front of the child seat, to put the Sirona S i-Size in the required reclining positions. Always make sure that the seat shell locks into place with an audible "CLICK". Always ensure that the position adjustment handle (11) gives an audible "CLICK" when locking into the lying or seated position. 26 The car seat is equipped with the "Linear Side-impact Protection“ system (L. This system increases the safety of your child in case of side impact. Slightly and fold it, until it locks with an audible "CLICK". When using the car seat on a middle position in the vehicle, it‘s prohibited to fold out the (L. The headrest ensures the best possible protection for your child only if it is adjusted to the optimum height. Two finger’s width or less remains free between the child’s shoulder and the headrest. €• Activate the adjustable handle (13) on the bottom side of the headrest (14) and move it into the required position. The shoulder belts (15) are firmly connected to the headrest and do not have to be adjusted separately. The indicator on the headrest (1) shows the height of the child from which the seat is recommended for forward facing use at the earliest. The integrated Driving Direction Control Technology in the car seat prevents the usage of seat in forward-facing position till 6th headrest position. The seat may only be used forward-facing, if: •• the child is > 76 cm tall. €• the correctly adjusted headrest (14) covers the indicator (1). 30 The car seat can be rotated 360°, in order to help to put your child into and take your child out of the vehicle. This also allows you to change the position of the seat from rearward-facing to forward-facing. €• In order to be able to rotate the seat shell (16), you must first press the position adjustment handle (11) and while keeping the handle pressed, bring the seat shell into a completely upright position. Only when the car seat is in most upright position and the indicator (17) shows RED, the car seat can be rotated. €• Now you can rotate the seat shell (16) towards the door and strap the child in without difficulty. Before starting your journey you must return the seat shell (16) to a defined travel position locked in place. [. . . ] €• Avoid getting any dirt or sand in between the upper seat shell and the base. This can have a negative impact on the performance of the rotation and recline function. Should this happen the dirt should be removed before rotating and reclining the seat any further to avoid any permanent damage of the seat. WHAT TO DO AFTER AN ACCIDENT An accident may cause damage to the car seat that is not visible to the naked eye. [. . . ]


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