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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Suitable for long period storing of frozen foodstuffs and freezing fresh foodstuffs Low noise With a lock at customer s request Safety precautions Read Instructions Please read all safety and operating instructions before operating this appliance. Contents Features Installation Cautions while using Parts Basic preparation -Before using -Storing food How to use -Temperature control -To make ice cubes -Defrosting Level the appliance How to clean the unit Trouble shooting 1 3 5 7 8 8 9 10 10 11 12 13 14 15 Retain instructions Please keep this Owner s Manual for future reference. Heed warnings All warning important Cautions and Notes on this refrigerator are please pay attention to them. Follow Instructions For best results follow all instructions given in this manual. Model and Serial Numbers Include both the model number and the serial number when corresponding with Samsung or your Dealer concerning this product. This manual which includes three model SR-17NFB SR-18NFB SR-22NFB is made on the basis of SR-19NFB. Date of Purchase: Model No. : Serio No. : INSTALLATION 1 The refrigerator should not be placed directly in the sunshine or in the vicinity of heat sources such as stove or steam heaters. Do not put the refrigerator in the places where it is subjected to humidity and water drops. 2 Do not place any object under or behind the refrigerator for proper air circulation. If there is a hanging wall-cabinet, there should be a distance of at least 300mm from the top of refrigerator. It is better to have no hanging object over the refrigerator. 300mm 20-30mm 3 The refrigerator should be set on solid floor. Please turn the two level feet at the front side of the refrigerator to keep ia at a level position. 4 Because of the special design of the refrigrrator, it can still operate nomally when the ambient temperature is below 10 or so:You only need to connect the season button. 5 There will be some odour of plastics when the refrigerator is initally opened. This is normal. Please don t worry about it. [. . . ] You can clean the inner parts of the inside cabinets with warm water and neutral soap or detergent in order to eliminate or lessen the odour. But do not use any solvent or powered abrasive. bacause they will damage the appearance of the refrigerator. 6 For personal safety, properly ground this appliance. Please do not ground this refrigerator with a telephone line, gas pipe, etc. CAUTIONS WHILE USING 1 Do not allow water to splash onto the back of the refrigerator. Otherwise water impairs the insulation of electric parts and may cause an electrical shock or a shock hazard. 2 Do not flammable sprays such as lacquer and paint near the refrigerator. If there occurs the leakage of gas pipes or liquid petroleum gas, be careful never to pull out the power cord from the socket or switch off the thermostat because there is a possible danger of exploding ignited by the electric spark caused. 3 Do not touch the interior wall of the freezing compartment or the refrigerator, because the temperature is very low. 4 Do not store volatile chemicals such as ether and benzene in the refrigerator. The fumes, besides damaging food, can build up and cause an explosion. 5 To avoid damage to the refrigerator or injury to the child, do not allow children to hang on the refrigerator door. 6 Do not use the refrigerator if it is not operating correctly or has been damaged. Disconnect it from the power supply and call your local service center. If the power cord is damaged, avoid a hazard by replacing it through the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person. PARTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1. FREEZER 2. FREEZER SHELF 3. THERMOSTAT KNOB 4. SEASON SWITCH 5. LAMP SWITCH 6. REFRIGERATOR 7. REFRIGERATOR SHELF 8. VEGETABLE COVER 9. TRAY VEGETABLE 10. MAGNETIC GASKET 11. RACK-FREEZER 12. RACK-EGG 13. TRAY-EGG 14. RACK-BOTTLE BASIC PREPARATION Before using All parts are well packed in the factory, Please remove the insertions and adhesive tapes for packaging when the packing box is opened. The cabinet shelf can be easily taken off and adjusted up or down according to your needs. You can store food only when the temperature in the refrigerator gets sufficiently low. It will take about 3 hours for the refrigerator to get a sufficiently low temperature after inital stating. Wipe the appliance inside and outside using a cloth dampened with warm water and a small amount of detergent. Storing food Allow hot food and drinks to cool to room temperature before placing them in the refrigerator or freezer. Place liquid at the front of the refrigerator to avoid freezing. NOTE:be sure not to store bottles of drinks in freezing compartment. Otherwise the bottles would be frozen cracked. Seal food in containers with lids, in plastic wrap or in plastic bags to prevent from drying and mingling of odours. HOW TO USE Temperature control Point 0 is power off point, when the thermostat is set at this point, the compressor stops working, the refrigerator is not performed, and the light in the compartment is off. If you want to stop the refrigerator, you should dial the temperature control knob to point 0 . 0 If the temperature control knob from 1-7 is dialed clockwise, the temperature in the refrigerator decreases as the number increases. For urgent need of freezing food or rapid ice-making, the knob to 7 . However we suggest the knob is set at position 2-5 in general use. 3 2 When ambient temperature is too low(below 10 or so), the compressor will stop for a long period, and the temperature in the freezing compartment will be too high. In this case, the season button installed under the thermostat should be connected. OFF ON To make ice cubes 1 Fill water into the ice tray to the about 80%capacity. 2 Slide the ice tray into the freezer compartment. 3 When you want to make ice cubes rapidly, you should set the thermostat control at 7 . 4 Hold both ends of the ice tray, remove the ice cubes from the tray by twisting it gently. Do not bend the ice tray or it will crack. 7 Note:When the thermostat is set at 7 , the refrigerator room may ice. Defrosting 1. Empty freezer. 2. Set the temperature control to 0 0 3. Remove the frost with the soft cloth. 4. If the frost is too thick, please use the defroster. Note:Do not use sharp tools LEVELING THE APPLIANCE When the refrigerator leans to the left, turn the left front foot clockwise. When the refrigerator leans to the right, turn the right front foot counterclockwise. HOW TO CLEAN THE UNIT Exterior Wipe with a damp sudsy cloth, then dry. For stubbom strins and for periodic waxing, use silicon wax. Interior Wash either compartments with a baking soda solution(two tablespoon of baking soda to one quart of warm water). Rine and dry. Interior parts Wash compartments shelves etc. -The food is juicy or moist, as this can easily freeae. When there is noise from the unit -The refrigerator is not installed in a flat, stable place. -It is the sound of the compressor. A sound like water flowing can be heard -This sound is generated by movement of the refrigerant. It is not a malfunction. Bad odour inside the appliance -Seal stored food MEMO [. . . ] -It is the sound of the compressor. A sound like water flowing can be heard -This sound is generated by movement of the refrigerant. [. . . ]


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