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   BOSCH KAD 62V40AU/01 SUPPLEMENT (887 ko)

Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH KAD 62V40AU/01SHORT INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Once your unit is installed, keep the User Manual and this Installation Guide in a safe place for future reference. Black units have drawers with black glass fronts, sculpted handles and black vinyl-clad cabinets. Stainless Steel units have drawers with stainless steel framed fronts, sculpted stainless steel handles and black vinyl-clad cabinets. All units come with maple trim wine racks and caddy that can be finished or stained. [. . . ] If neither of these treatments are to be included in this installation, go on to 5 Adjust Drawers. ® 7. Reinstall wood trim to wine racks and caddy using screws removed in Steps 2 and 3. Go on to 5 Adjust Drawers. Staining Wood Trim a Different Color IMPORTANT Do not remove the two racks attached at the drawer slides. Remove wine caddy, the top two racks in the upper drawer and the top rack in the bottom drawer (remove each wine rack by sliding it out and up). Remove and save screws securing wood trim to the two racks attached at the drawer slides (without removing these racks themselves). Apply Minwax Water-Based Wood Stain to wood with a synthetic foam brush. After this period, while stain is still wet, take a stain-dampened rag and remove all excess stain. Wipe in the direction of the grain with medium pressure to achieve the desired stain color. After 2 hours, repeat Step 4. CAUTION To prevent permanent damage to the inner liner of the Wine Captain®, the wine rack wood trim MUST be removed from the unit for staining and/or finishing. Allow stain/finish to dry thoroughly (at least 24 hours per coat) in accordance with the stain/finish manufacturer's instructions prior to re-installing the wood trim inside the cabinet of the Wine Captain®. Failure to do so may cause the inner liner of the unit to have a permanent odor, which is not covered by the warranty. Adding a Final Finish Coat to Wood Trim IMPORTANT Do not remove the two racks attached at the drawer slides. Mark new drilling holes using different sets of mounting holes on the slide. Drill all the new holes with a #30 drill bit. Figure 14 See Figure 14. The drawer will need a Top-to-Bottom Adjustment if, when viewed from the front, the drawer is not level horizontally. This is caused by one of the slides being mounted higher than the other slide on the unit's liner. Minor Adjustment: Note: The mounting holes on the slide are slightly larger than the screws' diameter. Push the slide upward or downward to match the position of the other slide. Repeat the procedure with the other slide if necessary. Push Slide Upward or Downward 5. Remount the slide. Re-installation of Drawer CAUTION Use care when handling the drawer. Drawer edges, drawer rail and the unit's slide may be sharp. Loosen Mounting Screws 1. Go on to 6 Prepare Power Supply. Figure 15 www. U-LineService. com 10 02/2005 TM 2075DWRWC -- Drawer Model Wine Captain® 6 Prepare Power Supply 7 Level the Unit Electrical Specifications CAUTION Electrical installation must observe all state and local codes. This unit requires connection to a grounded (threeprong), polarized receptacle that has been placed by a qualified electrician. [. . . ] 02/2005 11 www. U-LineService. com 2075DWRWC -- Drawer Model Wine Captain® TM 8 Install the Unit Horizontal Mounting (Left Side Shown) Countertop or Wall Header Installation of the 2075DWRWC 1. The unit's top surface should be approximately 1/8" below the countertop. A B Anti-Tip Kit Installation WARNING · The Anti-Tip Kit must be installed on this unit before it is used. · Additional blocking or special fasteners may be required for installation. Installer is responsible for secure attachment to prevent the unit from tipping. [. . . ]


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