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[. . . ] Their removal according to ambient environment allows the recovering of some important raw materials. How you can do the old appliance to be disposed: - disconnect the unit from the power supply, - remove the supply cable (cut off), - remove the possible locks on the door in order to avoid the children to be blocked inside when playing and their life to be in danger. This appliance should be used only for the purpose for which it was manufactured, in adequate spaces, kept away from the rain, humidity or other atmospheric factors. [. . . ] The manufacturer is not responsible for the eventual problems occurred to persons, animals or property due to the nonobservance of the above-mentioned conditions. the apliance has a supply cable and a plug (European type , marked 10/16A) , with double earthing. If the plug is not the same type as the socket, ask a specialised electrician to change it. The appliance is designed to operate in class 4H2 according to SR EN ISO 23953-2 ambient temperature 300C!Placing the appliance in a warm room, exposing it directly to sunshine or placing it near a heat source ( heaters, cookers, ovens) results in energy consumption increase and reduce the life of the appliance. Please observe the following minimal distances: - 100 cm from the cookers with coal or petrol; - 150 cm from the electric and/or gas cookers Provide free air circulation around the appliance, by observing the distances mentioned in the drawings (Items 2&3). Put the back airing lid to the back of your refrigerator to set the distance between the refrigerator and the wall (Item 3). Place the appliance in a dry and well ventilated place, perfectly even, adjusting the front feet if necessary (Item 4). For inside lighting, ajust button of the signalling block on medium position . The internal temperature could be adjusted by means of the button from the thermostat. The temperatures obtained inside the appliance could oscillate depending on the usage conditions: location, environmental temperature, doors opening frequency, foods quantity. This position can be adjusted subsequently towards plus or minus according to the user's wish The thermostat (placed in the rear side of the appliance, in the ventilation grill) also assures the automatic defrost of the refrigerator. During the defrost period the temperature inside the refrigerator could reach up to +120C, but it decreases up to 2-30C. Avoid some positions of thermostat button that could involve a continuously running of the appliance. the resulted water is collected in a drip pan located on the compressor. The water evaporates there because of the heat issued during its working (Item 5). [. . . ] Do not attempt at any time to repair the appliance or its electric components yourself. Any repair done by an unskilled person is dangerous for the user and can lead to warranty loss. The appliance does not cool There was an energy cut-off for a longer period of time. [. . . ]


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