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[. . . ] Washing Machine Waschmaschine Lave-linge Wasmachine WMD 25125 M WMD 25145 M 1 Warnings General Safety Safety instructions • Never place your machine on a carpet covered floor. Otherwise, lack of airflow from below of your machine may cause electrical parts to overheat. € If the power cable or mains plug is damaged you must call Authorized Service for repair. € Fit the drain hose into the discharge housing securely to prevent any water leakage and to allow machine to take in and discharge water as required. [. . . ] € Intensive You can wash your durable and heavily soiled clothes on this program. This program washes for a longer time and an extra rinse cycle will be made compared to the “Cottons” program. You can use it for your heavily soiled clothes that you wish to be rinsed gently. € Mix You can use this program to wash cottons and synthetics together without needing to sort them. € Mini This program is used to quickly wash (30 minutes) a small amount of lightly soiled cotton garments. € Spin This program spins with maximum possible rpm in the default setting. € Pump This program is used to discharge the water of the clothes soaked into water in the machine. Spin Speed selection You can have your clothes spun at the maximum rpm selection on your machine by using the selection knob in models equipped with an rpm selection knob. In order to protect your clothes, your machine will not spin above 800 rpm on synthetic programs and 600 rpm on woolens program. Rinse hold If you do not want to unload your clothes immediately after the cotton, synthetics, woolen and delicate fabrics program, you may release your clothes inside the machine in the last rinsing water by pressing the rinse hold button in order to prevent your clothes become wrinkled. You can spin by pressing “Start/Pause/Cancel” button after this process. Anti-creasing This function reduces drum movement and limits the spinning speed to prevent creasing. C Whenever you select this auxiliary function, load your machine with half of the maximum laundry specified in the program table. Spin speed reduction You may use the speed reduction button whenever you wish to spin your clothes below the maximum spin speed. When speed reduction button is pressed, spin speed will be at the minimum rpm given on the panel. No spin You may use this program if you do not want to spin your clothes at the end of cottons, synthetics, woolen or delicate programs. Time delay If you wish to wash your clothes at a later time in machines equipped with a time delay button, the time delay function allows you to delay the program start time for 3, 6 or 9 hours. When the time delaying button is pressed once, a 3 hours delay is selected. When the same button is pressed again, 6 hours; and if pressed once more, a 9 hours delay will be selected. If the time delaying button is pressed one more time, time delaying function will be cancelled. Time delay function starts countdown after setting the desired time delay and pressing the “Start/Pause/Cancel” button. Press the “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to switch the machine to “Pause” mode. [. . . ] Problem Explanation / Suggestion Reset your machine by pressing “Start/Pause/ Cancel” button for 3 seconds. (see, Canceling a Program) Be sure the seals of the water inlet hoses are securely fitted. It will resume operating when the voltage is back to the normal level. The automatic spin correction system might have been activated due to the unbalanced distribution of the laundry in the drum. [. . . ]


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