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[. . . ] Differences between models will be identified in the manual. Explanation of symbols Throughout this user manual the following symbols are used: C Important information or useful hints about usage. B Warning for electric shock. 2820521853/070211. 1601 This appliance’s packaging material is recyclable. Help recycle it and protect the environment by dropping it off in the municipal receptacles provided for this purpose. It is marked with this label to indicate the used appliances that should not be mixed with other waste. [. . . ] Longer heating time and an additional rinsing step provide a higher level of hygiene. • Hand Wash Use this programme to wash your woolen/delicate clothes that bear “not machine- washable” tags and for which hand wash is recommended. It washes laundry with a very gentle washing action to not to damage clothes. • Daily Quick Use this programme to wash your lightly soiled cotton clothes in a short time. • Dark Care Use this programme to wash your dark coloured laundry or the laundry that you do not want it get faded. Washing is performed with little mechanic action and at low temperatures. It is recommended to use liquid detergent or woolen shampoo for dark coloured laundry. • Mixed Fabrics Use this programme to wash your cotton and synthetic clothes together without C 20 EN sorting them. Special programmes For specific applications, select any of the following programmes. • Rinse Use this programme when you want to rinse or starch separately. • Spin+Drain Use this programme to apply an additional spin cycle for your laundry or to drain the water in the machine. Before selecting this programme, select the desired spin speed and press Start / Pause button. When you select this function, load your machine with half of the maximum laundry specified in the programme table. C C C C C • Extra Rinse This function enables the machine to make another rinsing in addition to the one already made after the main wash. Thus, the risk for sensitive skins (babies, allergic skins, etc. ) to be effected by the minimal detergent remnants on the laundry can be reduced. • Anti-Creasing This function creases the clothes lesser when they are being washed. Drum movement is reduced and spinning speed is limited to prevent creasing. • Rinse Hold If you are not going to unload your clothes immediately after the programme completes, you may use rinse hold function to keep your laundry in the final rinsing water in order to prevent them from getting wrinkled when there is no water in the machine. Press Start / Pause button after this process if you want to drain the water without spinning your laundry. If you want to spin the laundry held in water, adjust the Spin Speed and press Start / Pause button. • Soaking The Soaking auxiliary function ensures better removal of stains ingrained into the clothes by holding them in the detergent water prior to startup of the programme. • Pet hair removal This function helps to remove pet hair that remain on your garments more effectively. When you select this function, Prewash and Extra Rinse steps are added to the normal programme. Thus, washing is performed with more water (30%) and the pet hair is removed more effectively. [. . . ] Laundry remains wet at the end of the programme • Excessive foam might have occurred and automatic foam absorption system might have been activated due to too much detergent usage. Machine does not switch to spinning step when the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum to prevent any damage to the machine and to its surrounding environment. Laundry should be rearranged and re-spun. C C although in this A If you cannot eliminate the problemAuthorizedyou follow the instructionsto repair a section, consult your dealer or the Service Agent. Never try nonfunctional product yourself. 36 EN 8 Guarantee Your new Beko product is guaranteed against the cost of breakdown repairs for twelve months from the date of the original purchase. [. . . ]


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