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[. . . ] Automatic Washing Machine WMB81445L Please read this manual first! Dear Customer, We hope that your product which has been manufactured in modern facilities and passed through a strict quality control procedure will give you the best results. Therefore, we advise you to read through this manual carefully before using your product and keep it for future reference. This operation manual will… …help you use your machine in a fast and safe way. • Please read the Operation Manual before installing and starting your machine. • Please read all additional documents supplied with this machine. [. . . ] • Use this function for smaller amounts or slightly soiled laundries. • Extra Rinse When this function (c) is selected, washing and rinsing is performed with plenty of water. • Anti- Crease With this function (d), drum movement will be lessened to prevent creasing and spinning speed is limited. Whenever you select this auxiliary C function, load your machine with half of the maximum laundry specified in the program table. • Rinse Hold If you are not going to unload your clothes immediately after the program completes, you may use rinse hold function and keep your laundry in the final rinsing water in order to prevent them become wrinkled when there is no water in the machine. Press “Start/Pause” button after this process if you want to drain the water without spinning. If you want to spin your laundry that you left in water: - Adjust the spin speed. Your machine drains the water, spins the laundry and program completes. Time display The display shows the time remaining for the program to complete while a program is running. Time is displayed in hours and minutes as “01:30”. Time delay With the “Time delay” function you can delay the program start up to 24 hours. 1. Open the loading door, place the laundry inside and fill detergent drawer. 2. Set the washing program, temperature, spin speed and, if required, select the auxiliary functions. 3. Press “Time delaying” buttons “+” and “-” to set your desired time delay. The “:” in the middle of the displayed time delay will start to flash. • More laundry may be loaded or taken out during the time delay period. At the end of the time delay countdown process, time delaying symbol fades and the washing starts as the program duration is displayed. Changing the delay time If you want to change the time during the countdown: 1. Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button. 2. Press “Time delaying” buttons “+” or “-” to set your desired time delay. 4. The “:” in the middle of the displayed time delay will start to flash. Canceling the time delay If you want to cancel the time delay countdown and start the program immediately: 1. Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button. The “:” in the middle of the displayed time delay will stop flashing. 3. Press time delaying button “-” to decrease the desired time delay. 4. Press Start/Pause/Cancel Button to start the program. Starting the Program 1. Press Start/Pause/Cancel button to start the program. [. . . ] The machine did not start after the program was selected and the «Start/Pause/Cancel» button was pressed. (Subject to the model of your machine, water cut-off symbol may light up too) Water may have been cut off. You can restart your machine by pressing the «Start/ Pause/Cancel» button for a short time after ensuring that the water is not cut off. 34 - EN 9 Guarantee Your new Beko product is guaranteed against the cost of breakdown repairs for twelve months from the date of the original purchase. • Repairs necessary as a result of faulty materials, defective components or manufacturing defect. [. . . ]


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