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[. . . ] ⷠDo not sit or stand on, or let the children sit or stand on the appliance or on the pull-out parts. Your appliance contains no fluoridated coolants (CFC/HFC), but isobutane (R 600 a), a natural gas which is highly compatible with the environment. Therefore, be sure that the cooling circuit is not damaged either during transport or during operations. ⷠIn case the coolant spraying out contacts you eyes it may cause eye injuries. [. . . ] Fix the appliance under the counter by using 2 of the screws that was removed from the top cover. ⷠCheck whether the power type and voltage in your region corresponds to the one stated on the rating label inside the appliance. ⷠThe electrical safety of the appliance is only assured when the grounding system in the house is installed in accordance with regulations. ⷠWhen placing the appliance, do not let the power cable get stuck under it; otherwise the cable will be damaged. The electrical specifications of your appliance is given on the rating label located inside the appliance. ⷠRoute power cable to allow easy connection and disconnection after installation. ⷠA contact separator should be used if the power cable is not accessible. Get to know your appliance Warning Below information about accessories are supplied only for reference. Below accessories may not be exactly same as the accessories of your appliance. Do not place hot objects or any appliance that generates heat on the top trim otherwise the top trim may be damaged. The average temperature inside the fridge should be around +5°C. You can stop operation of your appliance by turning the thermostat knob to "0" position. Please note that there will be different temperatures in the cooling area. The interior temperature also depends on ambient temperature, the frequency with which the door is opened and the amount of food kept inside. For this reason, it is recommended to close the door again as soon as possible after use. Before you start operating your appliance, the following points should be re-checked for safety: · Is there sufficient space for good air circulation?The compressor is turned on; the interior light comes on when the door is opened. Do not place foodstuff into the refrigerator until the temperature has reached the desired level. The thawing water flows through the drain channel into a collection container at the back of the appliance (Fig. During defrosting, water droplets form at the back wall of the fridge due to the evaporation. If not all of the drops run down, they may freeze again after defrosting completes. Bottles can be stored in the bottle holder or in the bottle shelf of the door. [. . . ] White wine, beer and mineral water Bananas Fish or offal Cheese Melons Raw meat and poultry chill before use do not store in a fridge store in polyethylene bags only use airtight containers or polyethylene bags; for best results, take out from the fridge an hour before consumption. Store only for a short period of time, use airtight packaging/wrapping do not store together with delicate food such as cooked food or milk Various functional noises are completely normal due to the operation of the cooling system of your appliance; · Gurgling, hissing, boiling or bubbling noises are caused by the refrigerant, circulating inside the cooling system. These noises can still be heard for a short period of time after the compressor shuts off. ⷠSudden, sharp cracking or popping noises are caused by the expansion and contraction of the inside walls or some components inside the cabinets. [. . . ]


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