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[. . . ] Refrigerator Kühlschrank/Gefrierschrank Congélateur/Réfrigérateur Koelkast RFNE 312 E 33 W RFNE 312 E 33 X RFNE 312 E 23 W RFNE 312 E 23 X Please read this manual before using the product!Dear Customer, We'd like you to make the best use of our product, which has been manufactured in modern facilities with care and meticulous quality controls. Thus, we advice you to read the entire user manual before you use the product. In case the product changes hands, do not forget to hand the guide to its new owner along with the product. [. . . ] € Due to temperature change as a result of opening/closing the product door during operation, condensation on the door/body shelves and the glass containers is normal Refrigerator/User Manual 13 / 22 EN 5 Operating the product 5. Power failure/High temperature / error warning indicator : This light ( ) illuminates during power failure, high temperature failures and error warnings. Economic Usage Indicator: ) (comes on when the failures, the highest temperature that This icon ( Freezer Compartment is set to -18°C the freezer compartment reaches will which is the most economical set value. Economic Usage Indicator turns off when the Quick Fridge or Quick Freeze function 5. On/Off Indicator: This icon ( ) come on when the freezer is turned off. Freezer Compartment Temperature Setting Indicator: Indicates the temperature set for the Freezer Compartment. Key Lock Indicator: This icon ( ) lights up when the Key Lock mode is activated. C Figures in this user manual are schematic and may not match the product exactly. If the subject parts are not included in the product you have purchased, then those parts are valid for other models. Energy saving function is activated during delivery from factory and cannot be canceled. Quick Freeze Indicator : This icon ( ) comes on when the Quick Freeze function is on. Freezing fresh food • In order to preserve the quality of the food, it shall be frozen as quickly as possible when it is placed in the freezer compartment, use the fast freezing feature for this purpose. € You may store the food longer in freezer compartment when you freeze them while they are fresh. € Pack the food to be frozen and close the packing so that it would not allow entrance of air. € Ensure that you pack your food before putting them in the freezer. Use freezer containers, foils and moisture-proof papers, plastic bags and other packing materials instead of traditional packing papers. You may distinguish the freshness of each food pack in this way when you open your freezer each time. Store the food frozen before in the front side of compartment to ensure that they are used first. C • Frozen food must be used immediately after they are thawed and they should not be re-frozen. 16 / 22 EN Refrigerator/User Manual Operating the product Freezer Fridge Compartment compartment Remarks Setting Setting -18°C 4°C This is the normal recommended setting. These settings are recommended when the -20, -22 or -24°C 4°C ambient temperature exceeds 30°C. Use when you wish to freeze your food in a short Quick Freeze 4°C time. [. . . ] >>> Set the freezer compartment temperature to a higher degree and check again. The cooler temperature is very low, but the freezer temperature is adequate. • The cooler compartment temperature is set to a very low degree. >>> Set the freezer compartment temperature to a higher degree and check again. [. . . ]


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