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Manual abstract: user guide BEKO RBI 2300 HCA

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Incorrect repairs carried out by an unqualified person are carry risks that may have critical consequences for the user of the appliance. This appliance operates with R 600a which is an environmental friendly but flammable gas. During the transportation and fixing of the product, care must be taken not to damage the cooling system. If the cooling system is damaged and there is a gas leakage from the system, keep the product away from open flame sources and ventilate the room for a while. [. . . ] Correct adjustment of feet prevents excessive vibration and noise (Item 4). Fresh fruit and vegetables should be cleaned and stored in the crispers. Do not allow to come into contact with cooked food, to avoid contamination. For maximum efficiency, the removable shelves should not be covered with paper or other materials to allow free circulation of cool air. Fizzy drinks should not be frozen and products such as flavoured water ices should not be consumed too cold. Some fruit and vegetables suffer damage if kept at temperatures near 0° Therefore C. High-proof alcohol must be stored upright in tightly closed containers. Getting to know your appliance (Item 1) 1 - Freezer shelf 2 - Thermostat and lamp housing 3 - Adjustable Cabinet shelves 4 - Wine bottles support 5 - Defrost water collection channel Drain tube 6 - Crisper cover 7 - Crisper 8 - Adjustable front feet 9 - Dairy Compartment 10 - Jars shelf 11 - Bottle shelf The recommendation for storage as stated on the food packaging should be observed at all times. Dairy products should be stored in the special compartment provided in the door liner. Operating temperatures are controlled by the thermostat knob and may be set at any position between MIN and MAX (the coldest position). if the thermostat knob is in position "0" the appliance is off. do not use pointed or sharp-edged objects , such as knives or forks to remove the frost. Never use hairdryers, electrical heaters or other such electrical appliances for defrosting. Sponge out the defrost water collected in the bottom of the freezer compartment. Insert the plug into the wall socket and switch on the electricity supply. The defrost water runs to the drain tube via a collection container at the back of the appliance (Item 5). During defrosting, water droplets may form at the back of the fridge compartment where a concealed evaporator is located. Some droplets may remain on the liner and refreeze when defrosting is completed. Do not use pointed or sharp-edged objects such as knives or forks to remove the droplets which have refrozen. If, at any time, the defrost water does not drain from the collection channel, check that no food particles have blocked the drain tube. The drain tube can be cleared with a pipecleaner or similar implement. Check that the tube is permanently placed with its end in the collecting tray on the compressor to prevent the water spilling on the electric installation or on the floor (Item 6). [. . . ] Do- Clean and defrost your appliance regularly (See "Defrosting") Do- Keep raw meat and poultry below cooked food and dairy products. Do- Wrap cheese firstly in greaseproof paper and then in a polythene bag, excluding as much air as possible. For best results, take out of the fridge compartment an hour before eating. Do- Wrap food with a strong odour or which may dry out, in polythene bags, or aluminium foil or place in airtight container. [. . . ]


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