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[. . . ] Make your old appliance useless : - disconnect the appliance from the supply; - remove the supply cord (cut it); - remove the eventual locks on the door to avoid the blocking of children inside, while playing, and the endangering of their lives. The refrigerating apliances contain insulating materials and refrigerants which require a proper recycling. This appliance is not intended for use by person with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. [. . . ] Place the appliance in a perfectly even, dry and well ventilated place. Before plugging in the appliance, please make sure that the parameters of the mains in your house (voltage, currect type, frequency) comply to the operation parameters of the appliance. ⷠThe information concerning the supply voltage and the absorbed power is given on the marking label placed in the back side of the freezer. ⷠThe electric installation must comply with the law requirements. The manufacturer has no responsibility for any damage to persons, animals or goods which may arise from the failure to observe the specified conditions. ⷠThe appliance is endowed with a supply cord and a plug (European type, marked 10/16A) with double earthing contact for safety. If the socket is not the same type with the plug, please ask a specialised electrician to change it. This appliance was designed to operate at an ambient temperature between +100C and +430C (SN/T class). If the ambient temperature is above +430C, inside the appliance the temperature can increase. Placing it in a warm room, the direct exposure to sunbeams or near a heat source (heaters, cookers, ovens), will increase the energy consumption and shorten the product life. 100 cm from the cookers working with coal or oil; · The switching off must be possible by taking the plug out of the socket or by means of a mains two-poles switch placed before the socket. The achieved temperatures can vary according to the conditions of use of the appliance, such as: place of the appliance, ambient temperature, frequency of door opening, extent of filling with food of the freezer. The position of the thermostat knob will change according to these factors. Green LED ­ shows that the appliance is supplied with electric energy. Red LED ­ damage ­ lights if the temperature in the freezer is too high. The LED will operate 15-45 minutes after the putting into operation of the freezer, then it must go off. If the LED goes on during the operation, this means that defects have occurred. Orange button­ fast freeze ­ by pushing it the orange led goes on, showing that the appliance entered into the "fast freeze" mode . The exit of this mode is done by pushing the button again, and the orange led goes off. The three LEDs give information about the mode of operation of the freezer. Before putting into operation, clean the inside of the appliance (see chapter , , Cleaning"). After finishing this operation please plug in the appliance, adjust the thermostat knob to an average position. [. . . ] ⷠWash the inside with lukewarm water where you add some neutral detergent. Do not use soap, detergent, gasoline or acetone which can leave a strong odour. During this operation, avoid the excess of water, in order to prevent its entrance into the thermal insulation of the appliance, which would cause unpleasant odours. Do not forget to clean also the door gasket especially the bellow ribs, by means of a clean cloth. [. . . ]


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