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[. . . ] Remember that this user manual is also applicable for several other models. Explanation of symbols Throughout this user manual the following symbols are used: CImportant information or useful tips. 17 3 Installation 8 Points to be paid attention to when the relocation of the refrigerator. Control Panel Flap Drawers Adjustable front feet C Figures that take place in this instruction manual are schematic and may not correspond exactly with your product. [. . . ] Inside your refrigerator should be fixed with adhesive tape and secured against impacts. Package should be bound with a thick tape or sound ropes and the transportation rules on the package should be strictly observed. Original packaging and foam materials should be kept for future transportations or moving. Before you start the refrigerator, Check the following before you start to use your refrigerator: 1. Plastic wedges are intended to keep the distance which will ensure the air circulation between your refrigerator and the wall. (The picture is drawn up as a representation and it is not identical with your product. Clean the interior of the refrigerator as recommended in the “Maintenance and cleaning” section. The liquid and gases sealed within the refrigeration system may also give rise to noise, even if the compressor is not running and this is quite normal. 8 EN Electrical connection Connect your product to a grounded socket which is being protected by a fuse with the appropriate capacity. Important: The connection must be in compliance with national regulations. € Electrical safety of your refrigerator shall be guaranteed only if the earth system in your house complies with standards. High Temperature/Error Warning Indicator: This light comes on during high temperature failures and error warnings. Economic Usage Indicator: Economic Usage Indicator turns on when the Freezer Compartment is set to -18°C. Freezer Off Function: Press Freezer Set button for 3 seconds to activate the Freezer Off Function. 11-Energy Saving Function When you press this button, Energy saving icon will light up and Energy Saving Function will be activated. If energy saving function is active, all icons on the display other than energy saving icon will turn off. When the Energy Saving Function is active, if any button is pressed or the door is opened, Energy Saving Function will be exited and the icons on display will return to normal. If you press this buton again, Energy Saving icon will turn off and Energy Saving Function will not be active. 12-Energy Saving Indicator This icon lights up when the Energy Saving Function is selected 13-Key Lock Mode Press Quick Freeze and Freezer Set buttons concurrently for 3 seconds. Press Quick Freeze and Freezer Set buttons concurrently for 3 seconds again. 13 EN Dual cooling system: Your refrigerator is equipped with two separate cooling systems to cool the fresh food compartment and freezer compartment. Thus, air in the fresh food compartment and freezer compartment do not get mixed. [. . . ] >>>It is normal that the product operates for longer periods in hot ambient. € The refrigerator might be plugged in recently or might be loaded with food. >>>When the refrigerator is plugged in or loaded with food recently, it will take longer for it to attain the set temperature. € Large amounts of hot food might be put in the refrigerator recently. [. . . ]


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