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[. . . ] Symbols and their descriptions This instruction manual contains the following symbols: C Important information or useful usage tips. Recycling This product is supplied with the selective sorting symbol for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This means that this product must be handled pursuant to European Directive 2002/96/EC in order to be recycled or dismantled to minimise its impact on the environment. For further information, please contact your local or regional authorities. [. . . ] 7 EN 3 Installation BPlease remember that the manufacturer shall not be held liable if the information given in the instruction manual is not observed. When the fridge door is open, the fridge compartment interior light will come on. The liquid and gases sealed within the refrigeration system may also give rise to noise, even if the compressor is not running and this is quite normal. Your refrigerator must be emptied and cleaned prior to any transportation. In your refrigerator must be fastened securely by adhesive tape against any jolt before repackaging. Packaging must be tied with thick tapes and strong ropes and the rules of transportation printed on the package must be followed. Please do not forget… Every recycled material is an indispensable source for the nature and for our national resources. If you wish to contribute to recycling the packaging materials, you can get further information from the environmental bodies or local authorities. Electric connection Before operating your refrigerator Before starting to use your refrigerator check the following: 1. Is the interior of the refrigerator dry and can the air circulate freely in the rear of it?Plastic wedges will provide the required distance between your refrigerator and the wall in order to allow the air circulation. Eco-Fuzzy (Special Economic Usage) Indicator: This icon lights up when the Eco-Fuzzy Function is active. High Temperature/Error Warning Indicator: This light comes on during high temperature failures and error warnings. Economic Usage Indicator: Economic Usage Indicator turns on when the Freezer Compartment is set to -18°C. Freezer Off Function: Press Freezer Set button for 3 seconds to activate the Freezer Off Function. 11-Energy Saving Function When you press this button, Energy saving icon will light up and Energy Saving Function will be activated. If energy saving function is active, all icons on the display other than energy saving icon will turn off. When the Energy Saving Function is active, if any button is pressed or the door is opened, Energy Saving Function will be exited and the icons on display will return to normal. If you press this buton again, Energy Saving icon will turn off and Energy Saving Function will not be active. 12-Energy Saving Indicator This icon lights up when the Energy Saving Function is selected 13-Key Lock Mode Press Quick Freeze and Freezer Set buttons concurrently for 3 seconds. Press Quick Freeze and Freezer Set buttons concurrently for 3 seconds again. 12 EN Icematic and ice storage container Using the Icematic * Fill the Icematic with water and place it into its seat. [. . . ] € Liquid and gas flows happen in accordance with the operating principles of your refrigerator. € Doors might have been left ajar; make sure that the doors are closed fully. € Doors might have been opened frequently or left ajar for a long time; open them less frequently. Humidity occurs on the outside of the refrigerator or between the doors. [. . . ]


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