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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] €¢ Read the user manual before installing and starting your product. €¢ Keep this user manual within easy reach for future reference. €¢ Read also the other documents supplied with the product. Remember that this user manual is also applicable for several other models. [. . . ] €¢ Synthetics Dry less durable laundry with this programme. Decide the appropriate programme from the table below which includes drying levels. ) are dried in a way that they do not require ironing before being placed in the wardrobe. ) are dried in a way Cupboard that they do not require dry ironing before being placed in the wardrobe. For special cases, following additional programmes are available in the machine. Additional programmes may differ according to the features of your machine. €¢ Xpress 1kg You can use this programme to dry your cotton laundry that you have spun at high speeds in your washing machine. this programme dries 1 kg cotton laundry (3 Shirts/3 T-shirts) in 45 minutes. C To C obtain better results from your C For further programme details, Main programmes see "Programme selection and consumption table". Depending on the fabric type, the following main programmes are available: • Cottons Dry durable laundry with this programme. It is recommended to use for your cotton items (bed sheets, quilt covers, towels, dryer, your laundry must be washed at suitable programmes and spun at the recommended speed in the washing machine. You can activate this function either before or after the programme starts. C Press Anti-creasing button to activate C Cancel audio warning Audio warning level 1 Audio warning level 2 Audio warning level 3 Dryness level Used to adjust the required dryness level. More drying is performed compared to the default settings when "+" sign appears and less drying is performed when "-" sign appears. Changing the contrast Adjust the display contrast in order to make the symbols on the display appear clearer. It may particularly be necessary to change the contrast setting of the display when the dryer is installed over a washing machine. When the contrast is changed, all symbols on the display will appear for 3 seconds in order to indicate that the process is complete. Perform the same procedure to revert back to the previous contrast setting. C Warning symbols C Warning symbols may differ Anti-creasing You can use Anti-creasing function to prevent laundry from creasing if you will not take the laundry out after the programme has come to an end. This programme rotates the laundry in every 240 second for 2 hours to prevent creasing. Anti-creasing is activated but the programme is still running in the first display image below. Drying cycle is completed and the Anti-creasing step has started in the second display image. [. . . ] >>> Clean the sponge and the filter cloth in the filter drawer. Water leaks from the loading door • Lint has accumulated on the inner surfaces of the loading door and on the surfaces of the loading door gasket. >>> Clean the inner surfaces of the loading door and the surfaces of the loading door gasket. >>> Push the loading door to close until you hear a locking sound. [. . . ]


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