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[. . . ] Warning for hazardous situations with respect to security of life and property. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Getting To Know Your Machine 3 View of the Machine 3 5 Troubleshooting: 2 Safety Instructions Before Installation Before First Use Child Safety Technical Specifications For daily operation Problems What should not be washed in your dishwasher Safety notes for installation Installing Your Dishwasher Water connection Connect water inlet hose Water drainage Electrical connection Disposal 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 8 What to do if the dishwasher will not run 19 The cleaning results are unsatisfactory 19 Service 25 19 3 Using Your Dishwasher Filling the dishwasher salt When operating for the first time: Filling the Rinse Aid Dispenser Filling the Detergent Dispenser Detergent Multipurpose Detergents Loading the dishwasher Suggestions for loading the dishwasher Loading suggestions 9 10 11 11 12 13 13 14 15 9 4 How to clean your dishwasher 17 Cleaning the filters Cleaning the spray arms 17 18 1 Getting To Know Your Machine �� � � � � �� �� � � � � �� � View of the Machine �� 1. Model and serial tag 3 GB Technical Specifications Permitted water pressure: 0, 3 –10 bar (= 3 – 100 N/cm² = 0, 01-1, 0Mpa) Electrical connection: 220-240 Volts, 10 Amps (see type plate) Energy efficiency class “A” Electrical Safety class-1 Output: 1900-2200 W Heat output: 1800 W This device corresponds to the following EU directives: 2006/95/EC: Low Voltage Because we continually strive to improve our products, we may change our specifications and designs without prior notice. Note for Testing Institutes The necessary information for performance testing will be provided upon request. [. . . ] Open the screw-in cap of the salt container by turning it counter clockwise (fig. The electricity and water connections of the dishwater must be in compliance with the instructions in this booklet. Filling the dishwasher salt Only use special dishwasher salt in your appliance. The manufacturer is not liable for damage resulting from the use of the wrong type of salt. Don’t use table salt, or any other type, these types of salt 9 GB When operating for the first time: • Pour 1 litre of water into the salt container (Fig. Ï¿½ • Pour the salt into the container with the aid of the salt funnel provided (Fig. Ï¿½ • To speed up the rate of dissolution • Close the cap tightly. €¢ Begin a washing program immediately after filling the salt container. The washing program prevents damage to the appliance which may be caused by any spilled salt solution. After the first washing cycle, the salt level indicator light will go out. 1012 � Depending on the particle sizes of different salt brands in the market, tablet properties and water hardness, dissolution of the salt in water may take a couple of hours. Please do not overload your dishwasher and pay attention to the notes regarding dishes which are suited to the dishwasher. Only in this manner will you obtain optimal washing results with a sensible use of energy. Start unloading the dishes from the lower basket, then switch to the upper basket. 2 folding plate support rods (depending on the model) There are two separate “folding plate support rods” in the lower basket of your dishwasher designed to allow you more space to accommodate saucepans and large bowls in the lower basket. You can either fold each section (1, 2) individually or, all at once, to create a large empty space. Ï¿½ Suggestions for loading the dishwasher Use the lower basket for plates, bowls, pots etc. Ï¿½ 1018 1016 � Bottle holder (depends on the model) For cleaning your bottles. 1020_45cm � 14 GB Cutlery basket Rack 1029 1024 Loading suggestions Load the upper basket with dessert plates, cups, glasses etc. 1028 15 GB Height setting with empty basket (depends on the model) In this model, the height setting of the upper basket may be changed using the wheels which are mounted at two different heights. Release the latches on both the right and left tracks of the upper basket by pushing them outwards (C). 1022 � � � 16 GB 5 How to clean your dishwasher Do not operate your dishwasher without a filter. [. . . ] Low water softening setting, inadequate salt* - In products equipped with water softening setting, water softening should be properly set in accordance with the hardness of the supply water. Detergent kept under unsuitable conditions - If you are using powder detergents, do not store them in humid places after you open their boxes. Overloading the baskets - In order to avoid scratches and breaks in glasses and other glass tableware because of collision with each other during washing process arising from their placement, do not overload the baskets in excess of their capacity. 1037 Rusts, Blackening And Corruption Of Surface Unsealed closing of the salt box cover* - Salt may cause oxidation on metal surfaces. [. . . ]


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