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[. . . ] In order to ensure a normal operation of your refrigerating appliance, which uses a completely environmentally friendly refrigerant the R600a (flammable only under certain conditions) you must observe the following rules: Do not hinder the free circulation of the air around the appliance. Do not use mechanical devices in order to accelerate the defrosting, others than the ones recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use electric appliances inside the food keeping compartment, other than those that might have been recommended by the manufacturer. This appliance is not intended for use by person with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. [. . . ] Refrigerator will start operating in the most economic mode at least 6 hours later and the economic usage indicator will turn on when the function is active. This function allows you to make the fridge compartment temperature setting. This light comes on during high temperature failures and error warnings. Economic Usage Indicator turns on when the Freezer Compartment is set to -18° Economic C. Usage Indicator turns off when the Quick Fridge or Quick Freeze function is selected. This function allows you to make the freezer compartment temperature setting. This light indicates that your refrigerator is protected against the bacteria. Press Quick Freeze button for 3 seconds, Energy saving icon will light up. if no button on the display is pressed for 10 minutes and if the door is not opened , Energy Saving Mode will be activated. In Energy Saving Mode, all icons on the display other than energy saving icon will turn off. When the Energy Saving Mode is active, if any button is pressed or the door is opened, Energy Saving Mode will be exited and the icons on display will return to normal. If the Quick Freeze button is pressed for 3 seconds again, Energy Saving icon will turn off and Energy Saving Mode will not be active. Bottles can be stored in the bottle holder or in the bottle shelf of the door. Raw meat is best kept in a polyethylene bag at the second shelf from the top of the refrigerator. Allow hot foods and beverages to cool to room temperature prior to placing them in the refrigerator. It is suggested not to keep frozen food over crisper cover for thawing purposes. Do not store explosive substances or containers with flammable propellant gases (canned cream, spray cans etc. You can use the appliance for freezing fresh food as well as for storing pre-frozen food Please refer to the recommendations given on the packaging of your food. Fill the ice-cube tray 3/4 full with water and place it in the freezer. As soon as the water has turned into ice, you can take out the ice cubes. Never use sharp objects such as knives or forks to remove the ice cubes. Let the ice cubes slightly thaw instead, or put the bottom of the tray in water for a short moment. [. . . ] ⷠYour refrigerator is not in contact with the walls, surrounding objects or kitchen cabinets and furniture. ⷠCans, bottles or dishes inside the refrigerator are not touching and rattling against each other. ⷠAll shelves and bins are mounted correctly inside the refrigerator cabinets and doors. Incase any failure condition due wiring connection of the appliance occurs, and then the alarm icon on the display (Fig. [. . . ]


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