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[. . . ] We strongly recommend not to use your device when driving or operating any type of vehicle. This device should only be used in environments with ambient temperatures between 5°C (41°F) and 35°C (95°F). Turn off your device in restricted areas where the use of mobile devices is prohibited. Always obey rules and regulations when in restricted areas, such as, in aircraft, movie theater, in hospitals or near medical equipment, near gas or fuel, construction sites, blasting sites and other areas. [. . . ] Before recording an active call, it is dictated by most local laws to ask permission from the other person or persons on the other line. 45 Chapter 4: Keeping in touch Managing multiple calls Your ASUS Phone provides you the convenience of making or taking two calls. Answering another call While you are talking on your ASUS Phone, you can hear a beeping sound, indicating of another incoming call. Tap Answer on the touch screen to receive an incoming call while on an active call. Recording calls Your ASUS Phone allows you to record a conversation for future reference or information. Before recording a call, ensure that you ask for permission from the other party or parties. Swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap Call recording saved notification to view the recorded conversation. 46 Chapter 4: Keeping in touch Managing contacts Organize your contacts and easily stay in touch with them via calls, SMS messages, emails, or social networks. Group your contacts as Favorites to quickly get in touch with them, or group them as VIPs to get notified about any upcoming events, missed calls, or unread messages. You can also sync your contacts with your email or social network accounts, link contacts’ info for easy access in one place, or filter the contacts you want to keep in touch with. From your Home screen, do any of the following to launch the Contacts app: • Tap ASUS > Contacts. Setting up your profile Make your ASUS Phone truly your own and set up your profile info. NOTE: ME appears when you’ve set up your Google account on your ASUS Phone. Adding contacts Add contacts to your device, corporate, Google, or other email accounts and fill in more important contact information such as contact numbers, email addresses, special events for VIPs, and more. NOTES: • You can also save the contact to your SIM card or an email account. € If you don't have an email account, tap ADD NEW ACCOUNT then create one. Fill in the neccessary information such as mobile or home number, email address, or group where you want to put the contact in. 47 Chapter 4: Keeping in touch Adding an extension number to a contact number You can add a contact’s extension number to skip the voice prompts when making a call. In the contact’s information screen, enter the contact’s main number and extension number in either of these two ways: •• Insert a comma (, ) after the main number, then enter the contact’s extension number. There’ll be a short pause before the extension number is dialed automatically. €• Insert a semi-colon (;) after the main number, then enter the contact’s extension number. When dialing the contact number, you’ll be prompted to confirm the extension number. [. . . ] Ensure to remember the password that you created to unlock your device. Configuring the other screen security features Aside from the mode of screen lock, you can also do the following on the Screen security window: • Quick Access: Slide the Quick Access switch to ON to launch apps on the lock screen. Setting your ASUS Phone identity Know your ASUS Phone’s identity such as serial number, IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, or model number. This is important, as when you may lose your ASUS Phone, you can contact your mobile carrier and provide the information to blacklist the unauthorized use of your ASUS Phone. [. . . ]


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