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[. . . ] CONFORMITE - Delete a Caller ID number:  or  to select the number / Delete all Caller ID numbers:  or  to select the number / long press to confirm DELETE ALL? [. . . ] Your telephone must be located in a dry place away from hot, humid and direct sunlight condition. ENVIRONMENT This symbol means that your inoperative electronic appliance must be collected separately and not mixed with the household waste. / appui long SET LANGUAGE AND FLASHTIME TO OPERATE CORRECTLY ON YOUR NETWORK: Press on MENU key /  or  SELECT LANGUAGE / MENU /  or  to select language desire / MENU / R Press on MENU key /  or  SET FLASH TIME / MENU /  or  to select flash time FLASH 100ms / FLASH 300ms / FLASH 600ms or FLASH 1000ms / MENU / R + . CONFORMITY The logo printed on the products indicates the conformity with all essential requirements and all applicable directives. Com Alcatel Logo and Alcatel name are trademarks of Alcatel-Lucent and used under license by Atlinks. MAKE A CALL or either before or after dialing your number or, dial number / From redial list: 1. ρ or  to select the caller number / prior to the select number / or Guardar un número del registro de llamadas entrantes:  o  para seleccionar el número / ubicación en la memoria, o nombre / / R. To select memory location from M1~M8 or or or / to select memory location from M1~M8 or + . [. . . ] In on-hook state, user can press the button to select the LCD Contrast (1 ~ 5 choice, default is 3). [. . . ]


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